Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dark and dangerous

The lights were switched off the torches were switched on. We all ran. The house was pitch dark I try to find my way around but it was so dark and I could see a little bit of the light around the corner. I ran like I was about to be eaten by a shark. I was nervous. I was scared. I dived behind a bed laid down on the cold floor. My heart was beating at mega speed. The light flashed on the floor of the room I was hiding in I saw the light flash on my face. I started to get hot. “Found you” I was so annoyed to be found first because I have to be in next round. I felt more confident going into the next round because I had all the power. I was holding the torch. I could shine it in people's eyes. I am the seeker. I run into the rooms with excitement flashing the torch on anything I could find. I had finally found everyone except one we all turned the lights on and marched around the house. Everyone was found I was victorious. Everybody chanted “Pippa” “Pippa” ok so maybe the chanting was in my head but we all had a great game.

Monday, 30 October 2017


Capture the heart of Waimairi School
 To capture the heart of Waimairi School Emily and I took a photo of kids and each kid was a different year 6,5,4,5,4,3,2,1 and they're outside the office because the office says Waimairi School. 
Emily and I agreed that the heart of Waimairi School are the kids and teachers. School wouldn't be school without the kids and teachers so Emily and I thought that the photo we took was the perfect way to show everyone what we think the heart of Waimairi School is.

My Found Art Sculpture 
Found art is when you use everyday items to make beautiful art like sculptures. For our found art project I made a mannequin out of cardboard which was used to deliver pizza.

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest.

I really liked this sculpture because I have never seen anything like it before. Something that went well was the shape of my mannequin because it used to be hard cardboard but now it is a three D body. If I could make my sculpture again I would have done something a little easier because my sculpture was very time consuming and sort of hard and when I had to cover the sides with paper took like an hour.

Calendar Art
This year for calendar art we got the choice to make are art a silhouette,collage or Tapa Tapa cloth. Nobody did the Tapa cloth because it was quite complicated. This year I decided to make the silhouette art which looked really good and it was enjoyable to make. Overall I made a really nice piece of art which is exactly my favourite one I've ever done.

For arts we did sessions including music,drama and dance. For music
we used random items found around the class I clacked some  tins and Liam rubbed rulers together, Larissa made a shaker and Harry bounced a basketball it made a really cool beat. 

For drama we had to do some exercises. The teacher would yell out “movie star” or something you would have to act like. The teacher said if one more person messes around we would have to perform to the closest class and it happened we were standing in front of He Tangata everybody had their iPads out but the the teacher told them to put them away I felt so relieved. The teacher yelled out “BALLERINA!” we had to dance like ballerinas my face got hot and I went red it was so embarrassing.

My Trip To Town
In week one our class, Kahukura went into town. First we visited the Art Gallery. In the Art Gallery my favourite room was a bright and fun neon room with lots of unique and quirky art I liked this room because some of the things in it like two stacked Lego pieces were called art and I would have never expected all these everyday items to be classified as art so I really love how he makes normal things art. Next we played at the Margaret Mahy playground. I really enjoyed going to Margaret Mahy playground because I got to have a play with all my friends. After going to the playground we were free to explore all the arts over the city. My group and I went to the Christchurch Earthquake Memorial. There were lots of white chairs and each chair represents one person who died in the 2011 earthquake. Overall I had a great time going into the city with my friends because we got to see lots of cool sculptures and paintings in the city that you couldn't see anywhere else.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

My Found Art Sculpture

Found art is when you use everyday items to make beautiful art like sculptures. For our found art project I made a mannequin out of cardboard which was used to deliver pizza.

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest.

I really liked this sculpture because I have never seen anything like it before. Something that went well was the shape of my mannequin because it used to be hard cardboard but now it is a three D body. If I could make my sculpture again I would have done something a little easier because my sculpture was very time consuming and sort of hard and when I had to cover the sides with paper took like an hour.

The golden gates of Disneyland

Here we are the happiest place on Earth. I Pippa Wren was at the golden gates of Disneyland. The sun was beaming and I was so excited I almost peed my pants! I wanted to try every ride except one the Haunted Mansion.

 My parents kept telling me it will be fine you will be ok. My parents finally convinced me to ride. We were in the queue there were cobwebs and spiders in every corner. When we were ready to ride I hopped in this round cart which was like an egg chair it made me feel safe.

 The cart slowly entered a gloomy and dark room there was a shiny black piano that was playing but no one was there. I felt a shiver go  down my spine.Then we entered a gigantic enchanting ballroom. There were ghosts dancing around in posh olden day ball gowns and tuxedos.

My palms were sweating and my hands were shaking my dad whispered to me “are you enjoying the ride?” I answered with a nervous nod. We rode into a room with mirrors and in the mirrors there were ghost versions of yourself.

I finally had recovered from all this  ghosts nonsense, then the cart turned around backwards and we went down a steep track backwards!
When we stepped out of the ride my only words were, wow just wow, it's like we had just stepped out of a horror movie.

It was like one of those times when you thought it would be extremely creepy but it's not is bad as you think and you want to ride it over and over it was like that.

A couple hours later we went to Critter Country which was a cute little rustic village where I rode the best most awesome super fantastic mindblowing Splash Mountain.

It was about Brer Rabbit who went on an epic adventure and found out Brer fox was evil dun dun dunnnnn. Then you go down a steep track again. Wow Disneyland love 
Steep tracks, I don't know if I do.

You get splashed with water when you ride down the track I absolutely loved it. 
For lunch we went to the Queen of Hearts banquet hall it was like you had stepped into Wonderland.

I had garlic chicken I also had garlic chicken breath. I had the most JAM packed exciting day of my life so if you do go to Disneyland in Tokyo make the most of it ride the scary rides, exciting rides and always remember never have garlic if there are no mints around.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science blog

Plan for my Science project 29/06/2017 
for my science project I'm making a model playground with Phoebe. Things that are working well are getting things done. 

Phoebe and I do different tasks depending on the resources available at the time instead of wandering around looking for one thing. This is better because we get more done quicker.

 A struggle for me is making things look good because tape doesn't look very nice on most things. So you have to try to make things not look thrown
together and held with tape,
Because that doesn't look high quality.

Something I could improve on is not talking too much while other people are working. Because it annoys other people and also makes me work slower. 

What is working is we share each other's ideas and if one person doesn't like an idea for the playground we think of a compromise instead of fighting.

Overall I'm very happy with how I'm going and working. I'm looking forward to see the results.

Steps for swing
Cut the popsicle to desired size and shape 
Hot glue all the popsicle sticks together to create the frame of the swing.
Tie some wool or string to the top of the frame
Hot glue a cut Popsicle stick to the tip of the wool or string to make the seat of the swing.
And your done

Steps for climbing wall.
Cut an oblong shape out of cardboard.
Paint your oblong shape in grey paint
Add some black to the corners of the oblong shape to make it look more used.
Make small clumps out of hot glue 
Paint your small clumps in a variation of colours.
Glue your small clumps to your oblong shape 
The small clumps are the things you climb on and the grey oblong is the wall.

Steps for balance beam.
Glue and stack six Popsicle sticks. This will be the beam.
Cover two tiny boxes this will be a platform to stand on .
Glue your stack of Popsicle sticks to one tiny box then to the other tiny box.

Steps for trampoline.
Cut a circle out of cardboard. Cut a hole in the centre of the cardboard circle 
Paint the circle black
Hot glue or tape a balloon  to the bottom of the circle 
Cut a circle in a small box 
Paint the small box.
Put the trampoline (the circle with the balloon) in the hole of the box.
The box will hold the trampoline

Steps for flying fox
Cut a long piece of string.
Cover two small boxes in paper.
Hot glue a Popsicle stick (upwards) to each small box.
Tie your string to one small box then go forwards and tie your string to the other box 
Make a handle out of wool.
Tie your handle loosely to the string 
You're  done!!!!!!!!
Steps for slide
Curve a piece of cardboard into a slide shape.
Paint the cardboard yellow 
Make two long oblong the size of your curved cardboard 
Paint the oblongs yellow.
Glue the oblong to the sides of the curved cardboard.
Glue your slide (the curved piece of cardboard with the oblongs on the side) to the top of your climbing wall and your done.

Force 23/06/2017
What is force? There are lots of forces push, pull, inertia, acceleration, gravity and friction.
Push and pull is a force causing speeding up, slowing down and changing in direction.
Gravity is a force that attracts your body to the ground.
Acceleration Is a force that increases in the rate of change  speed and direction of an object.
Inertia is when something continues on in its existing motion in a straight line. Friction is a force that resists one object encountered when moving another.
I hope after reading this you know something new about force you didn't know before.

Pulley 23/06/2017
For science I Made a pulley with Sophie. 
First We made the pulley with a cardboard cup,box and string. I found out that if you pull the string on one side, the cup will tilt. 
Yet if you pull the string from the top it is straight. I think this happens because the weight of the cup is uneven.

I wonder if you could make a life sized pulley that delivers books up stairs.
Overall I think Sophie and I should have spent more time on the pulley than decorating the box.

Catapult science 14/06/2017
Today we collected data about catapults. First we did test one, test one had no rubber bands and the distance was 1.2m.

Test two had one rubber band wrapped around it. The  distance I shot it was 1.51m but then my cotton ball wasn't going very far. 

Test three had two rubber bands but only flew 1.21m which I found a bit odd because test two went further. 

Test four went 1m. It had three rubber bands on it.

 My last test, test five had four rubber bands and….it flew 2m and 94cm!

A struggle that I had was wrapping rubber bands around the cotton ball 
because the rubber band would pull all of the fluff of the cotton ball so you were left with a tiny cotton ball.

I wonder how far it would go with ten rubber bands.

Ping pong ramp 9/06/2017
For science I made a ramp out of books and rulers for a ping pong ball. 
First Megan and I made a ramp out of books which were leaning against a shelf. At first the ramp worked but when the ping pong ball reached the end it would roll away because there is nothing catching or holding the ball at the end. 

To improve ramp number one we put a tote tray at the bottom of the ramp so the ball wouldn't roll halfway down the classroom floor.

Then we thought should we make it steeper we added a ruler at the top of the ramp which leant against the top of the shelf. 

When we tested it, it didn't work. 
I think I didn't work because it kept going of the sides of the ruler.
We tried it again and it worked.
I think it worked instead of the other one because we pushed it faster.
 The new ramp made the ball go faster.

Basketball bounce 9/06/2017
This week for science I learnt about basketball.
 Let me tell you about why a basketball bounces. All hollow balls bounce because of the pressurised air inside of them.

 When you drop a basketball, the first thing that affects it is gravity, which pulls it straight towards the ground. 
I noticed that basketballs bounce higher than netball.

I wonder what makes solid objects like those mini bouncy balls bounce?

Catapult science 26/05/2017
For science I've been making catapults. Something I learnt was if you fling a regular cotton ball, It won't go as far as a cotton ball wrapped in tape. 

I don't know why but I think it has something to do with weight. If I did this again I would make a more stable catapult.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

High ropes experience

I feel worried, petrified even. I listen to the instructions anxiously. We start on the Giant's ladder I was so excited I took one step on the ladder and instantly started to worry. I got up about eight meters when I decide to get off. Floating off, I felt so shaky. 

I was climbing up a regular ladder but then I hit the hard part. I placed my foot on the first staple I had to climb up about eight staples until I reached the steel wire. I was panicking will I make it? I wobbled down the steel wire on the course. My heart was racing I felt sick. Everyone was chanting “Pippa” clap clap “Pippa” I started to feel embarrassed. I was taken down…..after I completed the course!

Overall I really enjoyed my high ropes experience. I would recommend high ropes to anybody it was really fun. A highlight of the course was getting to try something new.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Clothing writing

I knew she loved me the moment she wrapped me around her neck.She tells me I'm perfect,that I'm soft and warm. I'm  getting a bit old and scratchy but I'm still being worn. I know one day she'll give up on me, but I still feel loved. She folded me up and cradled me in her arms. She layers me in a box “good bye”. He now wears me, he now loves me, she still cares.

Something I have in my writing are descriptive words like scratchy,soft,warm and old.
Something I want to work on is to relate to my readers.