Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Popcorn description

The popcorn machine starts and it sounds like a broken down hair dryer. The popcorn starts popping the buttery smell fills the air. It's like a popcorn volcano. It crunches in your mouth as you finish a piece you realise it's stuck in your teeth. The popcorn pieces are like small edible fluffy clouds every piece has a unique shape and size. It tastes like wet bread. The popcorn machine smelt like a smokey fireplace. The whizzing sound started getting Quieter then the machine suddenly stop.


  1. Love the qualities of your writing keep the good work up

    1. Thank you I worked hard on this piece of writing

  2. Wow Pippa this has been the best piece of writing ever
    Keep your work up Pippa
    From Ruby

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  4. That was a great pice of writing its described well it makes a good picture in my mind