Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today I made a doll room out of a cereal box and two cruskit boxes .A struggle today was trimming and cutting the paper to the right length so it would fit inside the box.Something  I found out was that if it wasn't neat or perfect I would start again Intill it's right.Something I enjoyed was all the little details I got to add like the light switch and posters.Today I improved because I extended my learning because I was making doll clothes so I made a bigger project which was the doll house.A problem I had was my cereal box was to small but Vanessa had bigger cereal box which I used.Something I achieved today was a close to finished doll room but I also achieved cutting skills.Something I gained from today's session was patience because i had to wait for the printer,take my time while cutting and slowly glue and get all the edges.I feel happy with my progress today.I have improved my patience and cutting skills.
This is my doll room I am very proud of it,it is still bare with no furniture but I'm going to add some more posters and a bed.

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