Tuesday, 20 June 2017

High ropes experience

I feel worried, petrified even. I listen to the instructions anxiously. We start on the Giant's ladder I was so excited I took one step on the ladder and instantly started to worry. I got up about eight meters when I decide to get off. Floating off, I felt so shaky. 

I was climbing up a regular ladder but then I hit the hard part. I placed my foot on the first staple I had to climb up about eight staples until I reached the steel wire. I was panicking will I make it? I wobbled down the steel wire on the course. My heart was racing I felt sick. Everyone was chanting “Pippa” clap clap “Pippa” I started to feel embarrassed. I was taken down…..after I completed the course!

Overall I really enjoyed my high ropes experience. I would recommend high ropes to anybody it was really fun. A highlight of the course was getting to try something new.

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