Thursday, 28 September 2017

The golden gates of Disneyland

Here we are the happiest place on Earth. I Pippa Wren was at the golden gates of Disneyland. The sun was beaming and I was so excited I almost peed my pants! I wanted to try every ride except one the Haunted Mansion.

 My parents kept telling me it will be fine you will be ok. My parents finally convinced me to ride. We were in the queue there were cobwebs and spiders in every corner. When we were ready to ride I hopped in this round cart which was like an egg chair it made me feel safe.

 The cart slowly entered a gloomy and dark room there was a shiny black piano that was playing but no one was there. I felt a shiver go  down my spine.Then we entered a gigantic enchanting ballroom. There were ghosts dancing around in posh olden day ball gowns and tuxedos.

My palms were sweating and my hands were shaking my dad whispered to me “are you enjoying the ride?” I answered with a nervous nod. We rode into a room with mirrors and in the mirrors there were ghost versions of yourself.

I finally had recovered from all this  ghosts nonsense, then the cart turned around backwards and we went down a steep track backwards!
When we stepped out of the ride my only words were, wow just wow, it's like we had just stepped out of a horror movie.

It was like one of those times when you thought it would be extremely creepy but it's not is bad as you think and you want to ride it over and over it was like that.

A couple hours later we went to Critter Country which was a cute little rustic village where I rode the best most awesome super fantastic mindblowing Splash Mountain.

It was about Brer Rabbit who went on an epic adventure and found out Brer fox was evil dun dun dunnnnn. Then you go down a steep track again. Wow Disneyland love 
Steep tracks, I don't know if I do.

You get splashed with water when you ride down the track I absolutely loved it. 
For lunch we went to the Queen of Hearts banquet hall it was like you had stepped into Wonderland.

I had garlic chicken I also had garlic chicken breath. I had the most JAM packed exciting day of my life so if you do go to Disneyland in Tokyo make the most of it ride the scary rides, exciting rides and always remember never have garlic if there are no mints around.

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