Monday, 30 October 2017


Capture the heart of Waimairi School
 To capture the heart of Waimairi School Emily and I took a photo of kids and each kid was a different year 6,5,4,5,4,3,2,1 and they're outside the office because the office says Waimairi School. 
Emily and I agreed that the heart of Waimairi School are the kids and teachers. School wouldn't be school without the kids and teachers so Emily and I thought that the photo we took was the perfect way to show everyone what we think the heart of Waimairi School is.

My Found Art Sculpture 
Found art is when you use everyday items to make beautiful art like sculptures. For our found art project I made a mannequin out of cardboard which was used to deliver pizza.

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest.

I really liked this sculpture because I have never seen anything like it before. Something that went well was the shape of my mannequin because it used to be hard cardboard but now it is a three D body. If I could make my sculpture again I would have done something a little easier because my sculpture was very time consuming and sort of hard and when I had to cover the sides with paper took like an hour.

Calendar Art
This year for calendar art we got the choice to make are art a silhouette,collage or Tapa Tapa cloth. Nobody did the Tapa cloth because it was quite complicated. This year I decided to make the silhouette art which looked really good and it was enjoyable to make. Overall I made a really nice piece of art which is exactly my favourite one I've ever done.

For arts we did sessions including music,drama and dance. For music
we used random items found around the class I clacked some  tins and Liam rubbed rulers together, Larissa made a shaker and Harry bounced a basketball it made a really cool beat. 

For drama we had to do some exercises. The teacher would yell out “movie star” or something you would have to act like. The teacher said if one more person messes around we would have to perform to the closest class and it happened we were standing in front of He Tangata everybody had their iPads out but the the teacher told them to put them away I felt so relieved. The teacher yelled out “BALLERINA!” we had to dance like ballerinas my face got hot and I went red it was so embarrassing.

My Trip To Town
In week one our class, Kahukura went into town. First we visited the Art Gallery. In the Art Gallery my favourite room was a bright and fun neon room with lots of unique and quirky art I liked this room because some of the things in it like two stacked Lego pieces were called art and I would have never expected all these everyday items to be classified as art so I really love how he makes normal things art. Next we played at the Margaret Mahy playground. I really enjoyed going to Margaret Mahy playground because I got to have a play with all my friends. After going to the playground we were free to explore all the arts over the city. My group and I went to the Christchurch Earthquake Memorial. There were lots of white chairs and each chair represents one person who died in the 2011 earthquake. Overall I had a great time going into the city with my friends because we got to see lots of cool sculptures and paintings in the city that you couldn't see anywhere else.

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