Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dark and dangerous

The lights were switched off the torches were switched on. We all ran. The house was pitch dark I try to find my way around but it was so dark and I could see a little bit of the light around the corner. I ran like I was about to be eaten by a shark. I was nervous. I was scared. I dived behind a bed laid down on the cold floor. My heart was beating at mega speed. The light flashed on the floor of the room I was hiding in I saw the light flash on my face. I started to get hot. “Found you” I was so annoyed to be found first because I have to be in next round. I felt more confident going into the next round because I had all the power. I was holding the torch. I could shine it in people's eyes. I am the seeker. I run into the rooms with excitement flashing the torch on anything I could find. I had finally found everyone except one we all turned the lights on and marched around the house. Everyone was found I was victorious. Everybody chanted “Pippa” “Pippa” ok so maybe the chanting was in my head but we all had a great game.

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